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Welcome Entrepreneurs!

Here is what we already know about YOU… Entrepreneurs are some of the most courageous, creative, driven, and incredible human beings on the planet. The world needs you right now, in all your glory.


94% of Solopreneurs are not making a 6-figure income

We Are Always Here to Help YOU, So we have created a bunch of tools For You to Manage Your Finances On Your Own!

Statistics on Entrepreneurs

Are You Still In the 94%? We Can Help!

Unfortunately, we also know that most entrepreneurs struggle and fail to thrive. Did you know that in the United States today, as few as 6 percent of entrepreneurs ever achieve 6-figure revenues? That is scary!

Revenue is not equal to take-home dollars. Clearly there are way too many struggling entrepreneurs!

In our many rewarding years of providing consultation to entrepreneurs, we have watched them:

  • Be seriously good at their craft, but lack adequate business building skills.
  • Long to make a difference, but struggle to find enough clients.
  • Work hard to build their business, and yet unknowingly pour their energy and money into strategies that won’t work for them. This is so sad!
  • Struggle to focus and choose the best strategies that will actually get results.
  • Deal with a lot of isolation and loneliness, which can breed fear and failure to take action.
  • Have a huge need for proven business-building strategies that get results, usually in niche and messaging, client attraction, pricing, packaging, scaling and staffing.

We are fascinated with the Top 6 percent of entrepreneurs that truly thrive. We call this the Top 6 Club. These are the entrepreneurs who enjoy abundant personal and financial freedom and make a meaningful, positive impact in the world. (And have a total blast doing it too!)

Client Success Is Our Number One Priority!

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