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Who are we?

Bender-Carey Group Provides Solutions for Businesses in Need of Capital, Digital Marketing, and Business Advisory Services

What is a business advisor? Is it someone that isn’t afraid to tell you the facts you need to know to properly run or help your business? Is it someone that can help you design an appealing and professional website and support it with functioning search engine optimization strategies? Is it someone that can help with your business accounting practices? Is it someone who can look at a current project your company is taking on and assist with funding and or partnerships to make a vision a reality? How about all the above.

Bender-Carey Group is a premier business advisory firm providing solutions that can help your company achieve its goals through an efficient platform of services designed to help your business earn success today, and give you the support you need to experience exponential growth, no matter what industry your business is in.

Bender-Carey Group and its subsidiary companies — Bender-Carey Capital and Bender-Carey Marketing — have you covered every step of the way


Deals Financed

Capital Funding

Bender-Carey Group provides working capital to fund your business goals and complete your projects


Projects Completed

Project Development

Our team oversees the construction of large-scale property development projects



Company Growth

Our company is growing, to better further your business' growth


Business Valuations Determined

Business Valuation & Appraisal Services

Our CPA team will determine the economic value of your business

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